Reach for the sky

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Reach for the sky








Great Points

  • Excellent acting from More

Bad Points

  • It’s been slightly glamourised

Reach for the sky

Starring Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow

This film follows the main points in the life story of World War 2 RAF fighter pilot Douglas Bader, who lost his legs in an airplane accident.

The film made in 1955, is an adaptation from the book by Paul Brickhill about World War II hero, Douglas Bader.  

It is well made and acted, unfortunately the story has been created through rose tinted glasses as some of the stories in the film have been glamourised.

The story follows Douglas Bader from a cadet in the Royal Air Force as a happy go lucky young chap who, after a horrific accident has to have both legs removed, we see him go through rehabilitation, his personal life and then after some tooing and froing with the powers that be at the RAF, he eventually gets to take part in the air fight versus the Luftwaffe in World War II, Douglas gets showt down and is taken to Colditz as a prisoner of war.

It is an amazing story of one mans absolute courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Yes, some of the facts have been played with for theatrical purpose, however it doesn’t take away from the awe inspiring story. 

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