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Starring Alan Cumming & Bojana Novakovic

Alan Cumming stars as a former CIA agent, who has settled down with his husband and is now a Professor at college.

Dylan Reinhart (Cumming) is asked to assist in the solving of crimes for the NYPD with frosty Detective Lizzie Needham (Novakovic).

When I first started watching, I was a tad sceptical because Alan Cumming as a CIA operative seemed a stretch too far for me, however after seeing the first season, he fills the character rather well and his chemistry with Bojana Novakovic definitely helps to pull off the story. 

For anyone who enjoys such shows as Elementary or Sherlock, they will definitely enjoy this as it has similar elements running through the series.

Instinct is based on the book “Murder Games” by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. 

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